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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Custom Builds: Ride Report

Last year I built up a Surly Travelers Check for a fellow (more details, here, & here).
He was kind enough to send along a ride report which I thought would be fun to share:

Gentlemen;  I thought of both of you this weekend, riding over the cobbles on the tour de flanders course.  Although my wrists were sore and my hands were numb, the bike held up in style. Couplers, tires, wheels, all a go.  Peter, nice work.  We rode the 75K option and loved every moment.  Eurokit cyclists were out sporting their best.  Unbelievable how many cyclists were out on the course. Pics will be forthcoming.  We rode on sat and watched the big boys on sun.  George H took 6th.  If you look on steephilltv site and the crowd on the Muur-Kapelmuur, you can see some of our group (orange tee in the middle) although I am just out of frame to the left as you look at it.  The climb the day before was fun.  Euro-nummie in front of me pulls a domino effect and I ended up w/a gouge on my leg and finishing the climb running my bike.  Fun anyway.  I learned cobbles are much better tolerated while climbing.  A new appreciation for the grueling tour circuit.  Pretty cool.

I'll send some pics now that the bike season may be upon us.

Oh, rode w/a buddy last week in semi driving rain.  Tires and brakes worked great.  Totally confident in the wet.  Like the fenders.

Thanks for stopping by.

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