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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Congrats & Good Luck!

As you may know, tomorrow will be the last day our dear friends Bobby and Andrea will be the owners of "the Riv". Congratulations to Bobby and Andrea on over 30 years in business. What an accomplishment! 
As a resident of Arlington Heights, Riviera has been an institution for me and my family. Like many parents, Riviera was always the special restaurant where I could take my small children for lunch after practice, a snack for a good report card or a good quick meal when I didn't time to cook. Riviera was the first place my daughters were able to go "alone"...with a pack of friend from school. I was always comforted by the fact that I knew they would be safe there, and equally important, that they would behave appropriately. The Kids all loved the Riv, and knew they had to behave to be able to stay. How many kids in this town hiked to the Riv on the First or last day of school to celebrate? I think almost all of them! 
As a business owner Bobby and Andrea have been true inspirations. They are one of the hardest working couples that I know. They have offered words of wisdom and encouragement to me and many business owners in Downtown. Arlington Heights is the city of Good Neighbors at both home and at work. And as business neighbors, from keeping their business vibrant, supporting the other businesses and maintaining integrity in their business, they are among the best neighbors a business could have. 
Thank you Bobby and Andrea for your support that you have given me and Urban Harvest, for your kindness and your friendship. Thank you for the Oasis that you created for my family and my children. Your hard work, committment, and kindness is so very appreciated. I wish you much luck, joy and continued good health. 

Mary Ellen 
Urban Harvest

thanks Mary Ellen, couldn't have said it better myself.

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