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Thursday, October 16, 2008

They are Here!

I can't begin to tell you all how excited we are about the introduction of the Breezer bikes to our little shop.
We have begun to get some in stock and assembled, and they are everything I hoped.
The Uptown 8, they come equipped with: internal Shimano 8 speed hub. Internal generator powered lights, fenders, custom racks, bells and frame locks. neato bikes for commuters, and round town errand runners. And the best part, they are comfortable to ride! Stop by soon for a test ride.
The Zig 7, a folder, with fenders & a 7 speed derailleur. this little guy will make someones life a bit easier. Ride to the train, fold 'er up and bring it on board, unfold and ride to your final destination, fold it again and bring it inside, safe and sound, clean and dry. It really only takes about 30 seconds to fold, with a little bit of practice.
We have some of the others in but not built yet, I will post an update when that happens.

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