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Friday, September 26, 2008

InterBike 2008

Just thought I would share my InterBike experience.
The coolest and most exciting news: Advanced Sports, the company that owns the Fuji (the 09 line looks great, with a new TT bike), SE Racing (cool new colors on the single speed bikes, and an addition to the line, Draft Lite), and Kestral (very nice, carbon bikes) lines, is purchasing Breezer bikes. These are very cool "transportation bikes" most of them come equiped with Fenders, Lights, Kickstands, Bells, and Racks, we are very excited about this addition to the family.

I spent some time looking at Surly (very cool steel frames, I ride one), Salsa Bikes ( very nice small builder of road, mountain and CycloCross bikes) and Civia Cycles (sort of a high-end commuter line) as well, we are looking to add to our current line-up, but haven't decided with what yet....

I also saw:
some cool lights and stuff from Knog.
Really neato bags from Detours, they are actually making a couple of bags out of recycled juice boxes and sea grass.
Saddles and bags from Brooks, they are reintroducing the Cut-out saddle.

And too much other great stuff to mention in a blog stop by sometime and see whats new.

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Mike J said...

Interbike sounds like a blast. I wish I could go. Thanks for checking out my blog the other day on the power of PB&Js.