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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More kiddie Fun

According to many people an even better way to learn how to ride a bike then bike's with training wheels, is running bikes.
All over Europe little tikes are pushing them selves along on these neato little two wheelers.
Recently the Rivedel reader published a great article about them, featuring the Radio Flyer and Puky versions, which if I was a little more computer savey I would be able to include here, but I'm not.
When we started this blog, a guest told me about these little things, which piqued my interest enough to investigate them.
It turns out that there is a company that does distribute them to Independent Bicycle Dealers here in the states: Adams, the Trail a bike people.
We just got delivery of a couple of them, so if your little one is ready to take this step, stop in and check them out.
They are super cool.


The Tipster said...

looks cool. Why didnt they have this stuff when we were kids?

Anonymous said...

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