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Friday, December 28, 2007

Go for a ride?

I just noticed that we haven't posted anything here in a few weeks.
My bad.
We've been busy.
Our website has been given a Major overhaul, so click the link to the right and check it out. among other things we added a Message board. So if you want to organise a ride, or sell your used stuff, or share a story, keepin it local.
We've been giving alot of thought to oranising some rides starting from the shop.
I've been thinking Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday?
Anyone interested in a New Years Morning ride, just a little something to get out and strech your legs a little. Probably on Mountain Bikes, mabye 20 miles or so?
Drop us an E-Mail at peter-tif@campbellstreetbikes.com if your interested.

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