13 West Campbell Street
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Thursday, August 2, 2007

First Post

this is our logo, compliments of Scott Cain. he's so cool
So this is the start of the Journey.
Barson Bicycle Company, Doing buisness as Evergreen Wheels and Things.
Our Business plan is done, financial projections are (cross our fingers) in order.
I am going to Ashland Oregon, to go to bike mechanic and shop operations class.
A friend is working on our Logo, we have another friend as our lawyer, and some local buisness owners rooting for us.
Some seed money to open the doors, and hopefully enough passion to get things moving in the right direction for the long haul.


big jonny said...

Good luck with everything.

big jonny

Peter and Tiffany said...

Thanks. I'll need it.

Anonymous said...

A good start would be making sure you spell the name correctly. ;)

Peter and Tiffany said...

doh!, thanks!

The Tipster said...

looks good, you guys are gonna make it happen, I know it!

Anonymous said...

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