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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Comedian Mastermind

I am a fan of the Fat Cyclist. I read his blog, follow him on twitter, and appreciate his work against cancer.
My Brother in Law lives not far from Elden Nelson's part of Utah, and even raced against him in the Tour deDonut
He recently wrote a book and was kind enough to send me a copy. He even signed it, and I don't think it was the same signature he used for everyone, because he used the word "Awesome" which I tend to use.
So I finally managed to finish reading the book, and figured I would make with the review:

Comedian Mastermind: This is essentially a compilation of blog posts. With clever additions where Elden deems it necessary. You don't have to be a Fat Cyclist to read and enjoy it (although I am, and I did). You are likely to get more out of it if you or someone you spend a lot of time with rides.
Lots of opportunities to laugh out loud, and more then once I considered going to the blog to find the posts just so I could comment on them.
Definitely worth mentioning, the "Best Cake in the World" Recipe, is not misnamed. It really is yumtastic.
To sum it up: Buy this book. Fatty is cool, it's entertaining, cake is good

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