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Monday, July 18, 2011

Error in Judgment, Wheel Review

Thought I’d share a story from Tif’s Tri life:
Last weekend she was preparing to do the Schaumburg “Splash, Pedal, Dash” and I was tasked with insuring her bike was up to snuff.
Her rear tire was looking pretty threadbare, so it I figured that I should replace it. But while I was looking for a tire for her, I decided I’d go one better and let her use the Easton EC70SL’s with Continental GrandPrix 4000’s from my road bike. Replacing the Stock wheels that came with her entry level sport road bike
We then did a fitting, and ensured everything else was dialed in.
Her first ride on the wheels was the race (not a good idea, generally, but what are you gonna do?)
Her comment was that it was like angels singing when she got on her bike. Fast rolling, smooth, and peppy.
She set a Personal record on all 3 portions of the tri. Attributing the bike success to the wheels.
And now, she’s threating to not give them back
I love my wife, but come on…. They are Easton Carbon Wheels


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