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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ride of Silence May 19

The Ride of Silence is coming up soon on Wednesday May 19 at 7PM.


This ride is unique among all cycling events in that it happens at the same time and same place in nearly 300 cities around the world.  The Ride of Silence is a quiet respectful event which honors those who have been killed or injured while riding a bicycle.  It makes a statement to cyclists and non-cyclists that bicycles are present and share the road.  The event inspires everyone who participates.  No registration or fees are associated with the ride.  At the suggestion of Barb Barr, the first Ride of Silence in Arlington Heights was in 2005.


I am writing to each of you to ask you to please participate in this years ride.  If you are not able to ride that evening, please show up at the start and/or end of the ride.  The ride starts and ends at Recreation Park.  We ask riders to show up by 6:40PM so that we may leave on time. The route is 10 miles at about 11mph and we finish just before sunset.  Last year we had nearly 75 riders.


The Ride of Silence was started in 2003 by Chris Phelen in Dallas Texas after a friend of his, Larry Schwartz, was hit by a school bus and died while cycling.  Chris felt compelled to honor his friend and announced the ride to the local cycling community,  1000 cyclists showed up for this simple event.  Chris thought this would be a one-time event and after many words of encouragement from the cycling community, repeated the event in 2004 and it was replicated in 50 cities.   I had the honor of meeting Chris in March.  You can read about that here:  http://garybicycles.com/onyourleft/2010/04/ride-of-silence/


Publicity for the ride is coordinated with other rides in the Chicago metropolitan area: Chicago, Joliet, Evanston, 





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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping to promote this ride. Unless some emergency happen at the same time, the Arlington Heights Police bicycle patrol will be joining us. If you can't join us in Arlington Heights then perhaps Chicago, Joliet, Evanston, Peoria or NW Indiana are more convenient.

Gary Gilbert