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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fwd: Good news for bicycling... and your last chance to win

Peter --

Support People for Bikes - Win a Bike National Bike Month is coming to a close, but it's been full of great news for everyone who loves to ride.

Peopleforbikes.org has just reached 25,000 pledge-takers, and new bike-friendly initiatives have been announced in cities across the country. Philadelphia unveiled plans for a new bicycle network that will double the city's bike lane miles. Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn launched an initiative to get people out of their cars and onto bikes. And in Washington, D.C., a new two-way bike lane was configured down the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue, so people will soon be able to ride safely from the Capitol to the White House.

Some of the best news of the week, though, came to Mike Shoup of Denver and Fatima Ahmed of Bronx, NY -- the two winners of the first drawing of our National Bike Month giveaway! Mike and Fatima won brand-new bikes from Breezer. Congratulations!

Don't worry: You still have a chance to win a bike in our next, and final, drawing for the National Bike Month giveaway. On Monday, Memorial Day, we'll select the winners of two new Trek Allants, so make sure you're entered now -- and tell your fellow riders to sign the pledge and enter too:


Finally, have you ever wondered what rush hour would look like with thousands of bikes instead of thousands of cars? Check out this video from Utrecht, Netherlands where 33% of all trips are made by bike.

You can watch the video -- and read more about the new bike initiatives launched last week -- on the peopleforbikes.org blog:


Although there are just a few days left in National Bike Month, by riding our bikes all year and encouraging others to join us, we can continue to support bicycling.

-- Tim

Tim Blumenthal

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