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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Just built up the 2010 Fuji Touring Bike. Pretty Blue, 27 speeds of steel goodness


eflayer said...

I own a 2009. Mine is not the finest looking bike, but by far the best all arounder I have ever owned or ridden. Think there is some magic in the Fuji steel. I've owned prettier and much more expensive, but have never been happier with a purchase. Bought mine just slightly used for $475. Lightened with Ultegra Open Pro wheels. Love it.

eb said...

I have just bought a 2010 Fuji Touring --just like this one -- from Cheeky Transport bike shop in Newtown, Oz. I love the blue colour.

Will report on first three months experience soon, with pix.
My only major difference is that I wanted slightly lower gearing, so switched the front Shimano Sora crankset for a Sugino XD600 triple (26,38,48) which gives about 21" - 117" gear inches -- a great range which suits me fine.
Evan B

eb said...

As promised, long term experience report --
It is nearly ten years now, and I still enjoy this bike.
Wider gear range has been a great improvement on the original set up.
I have also had the handle-bar stem changed to a more elegant, more vertical version -- which helps provide a more upright riding/touring position.
Evan B,