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Monday, August 3, 2009

Ride Report

From a customer who rode part of the Continental divide on his Fuji Touring, customized with Mountain Cranks and a wheel set made by me:

Hello Peter and Tiffany,
I just got back from my trip and your wheels held up great. Thanks a lot. It was a fantastic experience, great cycling, awesome scenery, and beautiful weather. I was wondering if any of your wheels (or bikes) has been on higher elevation that these? Anyway, here is the summary and a photo of the trip.
I rode 11 days, covering 647 miles (1.035 km) and climbing about 30,500 ft (9.150 m) between Steamboat Springs, CO and Santa Fe, NM. About 500 miles (800 km) of unpaved roads where in Colorado following the Great Divide Mountain Bike Ride (Adventure Cycling maps) while the New Mexico section was all on asphalt. The route was hilly or mountainous, either up or down but never flat and included seven real mountain passes: Lynx, Ute, Carnero, Indiana (the highest at 11,910 ft/3.630 m), Elwood, Magna, and Cumbres as well as three Continental Divide crossing passes at: Boreas (11,482 ft/3.480 m), Marshall (11,842 ft/3.608 m), and Cochetopa (10.067 ft/3.068 m).
I had only two flat tires, but they were no punctures. The valve of the front tube leaked some air very slowly, and on the very last day, when I increased the tire pressure a lot to be a little bit faster on the asphalt, an old patch on the rear tube failed. Other than that, just regular chain lubes and lots of break adjustments.
Thanks again and best regards,

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