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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fuji D6 Professional Review

The fine folks over at Triathlete Magazine reviewed the D6 recently, here is an exerpt. At the moment there is one in the window at the shop so if you want to see it up close, come on down:

The Fuji D-6 was one of several Interbike debuts last year that piqued my interest. It was not because Fuji is just finally getting into triathlon (it has been a low-profile mainstay with the Aloha for several years) but because my first glance at the D-6 placed it among a small handful of brands that were making bikes not by mimicking what anyone else was doing but by thinking outside the box and doing it their own way.
Fuji engineers did their homework when implementing their own designs, succeeding in making a bike worthy of the company of tri-industry leaders. And my test of the D-6 Pro revealed a bike that is as fast as the manufacturer’s aero efforts allude to.
Position on the D-6 is straightforward; a true 76-degree seat angle has an effective range of 74 to 80 degrees on a fore/aft adjustable clamp. Fuji has addressed the increasingly mandatory elements one would expect to find on an $8,000 bike, including hidden brakes, a cable run that ports into the frame at the front of the toptube and horizontal dropouts. I was surprised by the fact that both driveside and non-driveside dropouts on the D-6 are replaceable. Driveside replaceability I expect, but non-driveside is a nice touch I’ve not seen anyone else do. As weighty as the design looked on first glance, my test bike weighed in on our scale at 18.09 pounds with SRAM Red and Reynolds Strike tubular wheels—very reasonable considering how much deep aero tubing it has.

The rest can be found on their website.

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