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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Life Lessons

People often have to learn lessons the hard way, but I thought I would take quick moment to share a couple of my recent learning experiences.... (maybe someone can learn from my humiliation.)

Last weekend I went out for a road ride, many folks in my Neighbourhood ride out toward the Barrington area, so that was my destination. I was riding solo, around 6 am, and got a flat. being a mechanic, I was confident in my ability to change my flat and be on the road in no time, well... after installing my new tube I discovered that for whatever reason, my C02 cartridge was threaded, and my C02 inflator was not.(doh!)... Ring, Ring "Good Morning Tif, Can you pick me up?"
Lesson to share: Check your seat bag every now and then, make sure everything you need is there and in good shape. and carry a phone.

This Weekend, I went out again to the Barrington Area, this time with a friend, and on the way back got my wheel stuck in one of those wheel sucking tar seams, and I found my self on the ground in front of a very startled driver of a very large truck.
Lesson to share: Wear a helmet, I broke mine. Ride with someone if possible

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Keep the rubber side down folks,

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Sickboy said...

Gosh darn, Im so happy you had a helmet on!