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Monday, June 2, 2008

Hammer Time....Nutrition update, not dance

We love Hammer Nutrition, this stuff is more natural and enviro friendly then many of the other nutritional supplements. And they're not owned by some multi national food conglomerate, kinda cool.
We've had some of it around since we opened our doors, but we just increased supply quite a bit.
A big fancy multi-tiered display rack.
Hammer Gel, both individual and bulk bottles to fill your flasks for epic rides,
Hammer Heed, sorta like gatorade but WAY better, individuals and Jumbo jars
Recoverite, drink it when you get back, also in individuals and Jumbo Jars
just to name a few of the products we now stock.
If you would like to try any of the other great products they have, or think we should be stocking them, let us know.
If you find yourself out for a ride and you need to refill your water bottles, drop in, we also have one of those Big Cool Water Dispenser things so you can take advantage of the individual packaging and immediate gratification.

We also just got some more 53X11 coffee in stock, freshly roasted and super yummy. We buy this direct from the Bike Parts Distributor so unless you are getting your caffeine fix direct, our is fresher. Stop by for a cup (we almost always have a pot on) or pick up some beans to bring home and grind & brew

As always, thanks for stopping by our little blog,
and Keep the Rubber Side Down

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