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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ride Reprt

Some of my regular customers and friends see our hours of operation and ask "When do you have time to ride?"
I am happy to report that this morning I took my new CrossComp for a (Solo) spin through Busse Wodds. The snow is melted, and since I was there pretty early it was still fairly quiet. I was glad I was on a bike with beefy-ish tires, quiet a bit of the winter debris was still on the path.
This is the first road bike I've ever owned that has STI shifting, and boy is it ever neat.
It's about a 22 mile loop, and in took me around and Hour & 1/2.
I felt pretty good about my time / and fitness level. And it was a great way to start what will probably be a pretty busy weekend.
I was enjoying some of the hammer products we carry, which probably helped take a little bit of the edge of the one too many glasses of wine I had last night after the shop closed.

If your interested we will probably do the same ride Sunday Morning, leaving the shop at 7:30 am. Come on out.

Keep the rubber side down,
Thanks for stopping by

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