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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Internet Cool

Click this link and Do the Test.
It's pretty neat.

here it is again, in case my link doesn't work, and you want to copy and paste.

this is "Safe for Work"

keep the rubber side down,


Sickboy said...

This was a pretty cool test. I was able to get the number of passes between the white team right, however I did not see the bear until the 2nd take.


Its cool how they compared it to seeing cyclists on the road or in traffic, definitely gotta pay attention, during the right season, there are quite a bit of them around here.

There are rumors around town that there is an avid cyclist who carries ball bearings with them and will use them if you cut it too close to him, thats very interesting. If he did that to my car, his damaged bike would be the least of his worries.

Sickboy said...

It also seems like the UK has a lot more safety stuff going down than the good ole US too.

Anonymous said...

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