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Saturday, March 1, 2008


Not to be a downer, but here I am posting another "rider down" article. This actually happened before the last one, but since the Tour deChicago was local, I posted it first.
Heres a question for you.
Let's say your driving a Mercedes Benz SUV down the street at 5:30am, and you hit a cyclist. Do you:
A- Stop and help in any way you can
B- Drive away and pretend it never happened
C- Stop your car, drag the injured cyclist (and her bike) into the gutter, then drive away.


Fortunatly, the parents of the woman driving had a more developed sense of right and wrong then their daughter, because they reported her.
And thank goodness for the jogger that happened by 10 minutes or so later, probably saving the Victims life.

thanks for stopping by,
Ride (or drive) Safe.

1 comment:

Sickboy said...

Jesus, people are really that cruel to cyclists? Thats no diff. than hitting a pedestrian walking down the street!

Wow, wild man, wild, but not in a good way at all.

I bet you have taught your boys a ton on the safety thing huh? In todays times, you have to, even before you get them on a bike, you have to tell them what they are up against and how most, not all, but how most drivers dont care about them as being an actual vehicle on the road!!!