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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It can even happen to pro's

not to sound like a broken record here, but: please drive safe.
This guy wasn't a kid riding down some dark street. But a professional cyclist.
Out for some training, hit and killed by a driver.
Our sport is not an inherently unsafe way to get around.
But people who hit cyclist aren't punished proportionally to their crime.
It pays to ride Safe, wear a helmet, blinkie lights, ride defensively.
And above all, if you must drive be aware of your surroundings. Support legislation that puts bike lanes in place.


Sickboy said...
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Sickboy said...

Ive always thought that bike lanes were the way to go, I always feel really bad (and worried) when I see some cyclist trying to maneuver in the street because they aren't "supposed to" ride on the side walk.

Mom & Pop said...

As wheeled Vehicle we have Every right to be on the Vast majority of roads.
It's safer and Easier to ride in large cities then in suburbs, cause people don't have a chance to get to high speeds on Urban streets. And Suburban drivers tend to spend to much time focusing on their phones/lunch/kids then the road.

Sickboy said...

I agree with you mom and pop.....

If you can or do find out what kind of sentence they slapped on this guy, please make it known here, I am very curious.