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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy Tuesday

Every now and then folks ask us about our hours.
"Why are you closed Tuesday?"
So allow me to elaborate:
Sunday and Monday (8:00am -4:00pm) we open early to accommodate anyone who is to busy to get in after 10. And anyone who needs a little something when on their way to a ride. Or the day after a ride.
Wednesday through Saturday (10:00am-8:00pm), we stay open kinda late-ish for those folks hanging around Downtown Arlington Heights. Or people getting off the Metra.
But Tuesday... We are a Mom and Pop shop. You will often find our kids here. And we needed a day that we could be closed to take care of Home Life stuff, and Appointments etc..
And go for a rides. (Today I rode Busse Woods on my Fixed Gear)
So Tuesday seemed like the best day for that.
We are often here on Tuesday's and you can certainly make an appointment if you'd like.

If we find there is a clamoring for us to be open on Tues. maybe we will change our hours. And if someone wants to make an appointment. just let us know.

thanks for stopping by,

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