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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Free Brake Safety Adjustments for kids.

Tuesday while I was picking my son's up from school one of the bikes in the bike rack caught my eye. Not because it was a particularly fine specimen of cycle. But because it was remarkably unsafe.
The front quick release was not being used properly.
The front brake was completely useless, and the back brake wasn't much better.
And it wasn't locked.
So I asked Son#1 whose bike it was, and gave the owner a card, telling him to bring the bike to the shop and I would Safety Adjust the brakes for free. He was a little sceptical. But he came in anyway. Unfortunatly the brake cable was broken, and needed a part, so I wasn't able to do the work for the "Free" that I advertised, but I didn't charge him for labor. He was safely on his way for $5.00.
What is a Safety Adjustment you ask?
Well, it's simple really, If I can make the brakes work without replacing any parts, it's an adjustment: Tighten Cables, Move pads, adjust spring tension, etc.
It's a service I provide to neighborhood kids free.
Stop by or call for details, or with questions.

Until next time,
keep the rubber side down

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