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Sunday, December 2, 2007


December already!?!

yup, it seems like just yesterday it was 80 and sunny, and here we are today, recovering from an ice storm.

Which brings me to my point, or one of them any way.

We discount our labor rates when theres snow on the ground, so if you brought your bike in for it's tune up today, you would get 20% taken right of the top, we feel it sould pay to plan ahead.

The other thing I thought I should mention, we have super gift ideas for the cyclist in your life. Sometimes they can be hard to shop for, a couple of ideas:

The Big Blue Book of Cycling Repair, great for someone learning how to do their own work.

We've got stuff made from bike parts, Picture Frames, for that shot of them at the line. Clocks, Key Chains and Jewelry too.

Here is a pic from opening day compliments of Coleen,

It's our good friend Scott, with my first official repair job.

Thanks Scott and Col for your support and Help.


The Tipster said...

Ya gonna frame your first dollar bill like some places of business do?

Peter said...

we did save it (thanks Scott & Col), but I'm not sure about the definition of "First Dollar", is it the first one brought into the till? or the first one that is true profit? not sure, it's one of those quirky entropernal questions

The Tipster said...

yeah, I would go with 1st one in the till, thus showing business being brought in. Im glad you thought of it though.