13 West Campbell Street
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Saturday, November 24, 2007

We are Open

The easy part is over, we are officially open, now all we have to do is... be successful.

Opening day was very nice, Pictures are coming soon, our good Friends the Kowalskis came up and took pictures, and brought work.
Tif's mom and Step dad were in, And many other people in the community stopped by to wish us well (and eat Shelly's yummy cookies)

We have had a great amount of interest in our Service and Storage Packages. So I thought I would post those rates here:
Service Package, $100 annually
Store and Service, $200 annually (12 in /outs)
Short Term Store and Service, $20 monthly (Get the bike out of the way of the car, tune up)
and the...
Stable Boy, Unlimited Storage and Service, $30 monthly

Thats All for now, I need to get back to work on this cool old Raleigh folding bike I salvaged.


The Tipster said...

storage never even crossed my mind! I can almost feel how much happier you are now that you have you own thing going.

Scott said...


I told a few people (all of whom live in your area) about the new place, and they all promptly went out looking for it... before you were open. Hopefully they will return with some sales.

You ever considered lowering your price structure by a dollar?

For example $99 seems to sell better than $100, call it a simple psychological trick employed by many retailers.

Mom & Pop said...

Thanks for the feedback, I was going for straightforward pricing, mabye when I get our website up, I'll offer a web discount

Anonymous said...

Best of Luck. love the Shop.