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Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

10 days to go!

It's been a very exciting week!
The painters are done,
The floors are finished,
The work bench is in place and has tools, we have a new double armed work stand, plus mine from home to make 3.
We got a whole bunch of stock in, tools and some soft goods, including bikes, which still need to be assembled.
We also moved our home office up to the shop, unfortunatly the camera cable has been temporarily misplaced in the shuffle. So there are no pics this post.
On friday we have our Village of AH Health and Fire inspection, wish us luck....
See you soon,


The Tipster said...

I know we talked about it before, but , my advise to you is this: since I see what its like 1st and on a daily basis with the ex, youll do fine. The first few months youll prolly get slammed with customers, then it will slow do so you can catch up, then back to the chaos again.

I got off the topic though...your inspection will go over fine. Remember, with business, you cant sweat the small stuff, you have to save it for when it time to sweat over the bigger tasks.

The Tipster said...
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