13 West Campbell Street
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Week 3 (we think)

In the spirit of Halloween, this is in our buildings basement, it's super creepy.

We finished the deconstruction and clean up.

this is sorta the layout.
Repairs on the left.
bikes in the back and on the right wall.
kids play, lounge area, nutrition, information and shoes on the riser.
there are 2 changing rooms in the back room.

now all we need to do is install flooring, paint, and stock.


The Tipster said...
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The Tipster said...

what is the spooky thing in the basement? Also, tell me more about this "nutrition" thing your gonna have in shop.

When did you go healthy on me? Im Disappointed.

Peter said...

"Nutrition" is a fancy way of saying Ride food: Energy gels, power bars, red bull. gatorade. that type of stuff

Peter said...

the spooky thing is an insinerator

The Tipster said...

Energy stuff sounds good to me.

So worse case senerio, a customer doesnt pay up, POOF, into the incinerator!!!

Alida said...

I'm new to Arlington Heights and was walking around town today and saw the signs, so excited to know that there will be an LBS right in town! Any new info on which brands you will carry? Any chance of carrying Cannondale? :) Can't wait for you guys to open, because I am looking into building up a frame for use around town and will definitely need some help!

Peter said...

Welcome to Arlington Heights.
We will most assuredly not be
carrying Cannondale.
Fuji seems the most likely right now.

Greg said...

I'm pretty excited to have a LBS in town again. I'm all of a block away, and I miss having a bicycle shop in close by.

As for bike brands to carry, how about Redline or Cevelo. There is a good triathlete communitiy around here that would appreciate Ceverlo. Jamis is a good idea too.

Peter said...

I'm pretty excited to BE the LBS in AH.
Thanks for the feedback on the bike lines. Check out our post all about our choice