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Monday, October 29, 2007

Fuji is our line

We have come to a decision in the bike line dept.
they have sweet
Road Bikes
Mutli -Sporters are covered in style.
rough and tumble
Mountain Bikes.
Groovy Cuisers and
Comfort bikes.
They also distribute
BMX bikes.
Have a
fun kids line.
Fixie and Single Speeds they have are edgy and cool too

Many variable go into choosing a bike line.
Competion (very little localy),
Variety (pretty wide),
Cool Factor,
Distributer requirments and commitments,
and of course romance.
Little story for you, After we met, we sort of eloped to South West Florida and spent 5 years living and
working near Sanibel. When we saw the Fuji Cruisers were named after the place where our (very) young marriage developed into the relationship we have today. It really spoke to us.
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The Tipster said...
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The Tipster said...

yeah, um, nice story.

glad you guys are rolling towards your opening up day. Nervous yet? I cant begin to imagine, but you are PJB and you will get through it all and figure it all out, that is a fact that I am sure of.

Alida said...

Do you guys have an estimate on when you will be open yet?

Peter said...

we are shooting for the day after thurkey day.

The Tipster said...

dang bud, time is cutting short huh? I think of you two and hope for your success everyday now.....